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Podcast: Seabrook praises Crawford


18 Ноябрь 2014



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Podcast: 'Carmen & Jurko'

Brent Seabrook joins “Carmen & Jurko” to examine winning the Stanley Cup and the evolution of Corey Crawford. Pay attention

As Brent Seabrook was driving house Tuesday morning right after celebrating winning the Stanley Cup the evening just before, he took time to reflect on a goaltender who went from query mark at the begin of the season to Conn Smythe contender.

“It was great to see (Crawford play so effectively),” Seabrook said on “The Carmen & Jurko Demonstrate” on ESPN 1000. “The media truly blew (Crawford's flaws) out of proportion http://www.officialchicagoblackhawksstore.com/authentic-patrick-sharp-jersey.

“We knew what we had in Crow. We had complete confidence in Crow http://www.officialchicagoblackhawksstore.com/authentic-marian-hossa-jersey. He was a massive explanation why we had a chance to win all through the playoffs Patrick Sharp Jersey.”

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